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Our Story

Dear Reader,

Let me take you on a journey, one that began in London, UK, and led to the creation of something truly remarkable. This is the story of how my now business partner Richard and I came together, parted ways, and eventually built the thriving company known as rnkpromanagement.

It all started on a morning in London. as I mounted my beloved Yamaha, eager to ride the open road. Little did I know that this ride would forever change the course of my life.

As I cruised through the city going to meet some other bikers I encountered Richard who also was riding a Yamaha.


Our motorcycles mirrored each other in style and it wasn't long before we struck up a conversation. That chance encounter forged the beginning of a deep and enduring friendship.

Richard and I quickly became close. Our shared love for motorcycles was just the tip of the iceberg. We were both driven by a relentless desire to learn, to challenge ourselves, and to excel in our chosen paths. In those early days, we would often ride for hours, discussing our dreams and aspirations as the cityscape faded behind us.

But as life often dictates, there came a time when our paths split. Richard ventured into marketing, drawn by the allure of understanding consumer behaviour and crafting compelling brand narratives. Meanwhile, my journey led me down the intricate paths of forex trading and web design. I immersed myself in charts, trends, and the art of creating user-friendly websites.

2 years passed, and our friendship took a back seat to our individual pursuits. Contact between us dwindled, as we devoted ourselves to mastering our respective crafts. It wasn't until one year later, when fate intervened once more, that we found ourselves reunited.

Both of us had decided to take a holiday, unknowingly ending up in the same destination. It was a chance encounter that brought us together once again, and over a shared meal, we began to catch up on our lives.

As we talked, it became evident that our newfound skills were more complementary than we had ever imagined. My expertise in web design perfectly aligned with Richard's proficiency in marketing. We saw the potential to create a unique synergy that could offer businesses a holistic solution in this digital age.

In that moment, we made a pact. We would merge our skills, create a company that embodied our combined expertise, and help businesses thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. rnkpromanagement was born.

Our company quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach, bridging the gap between financial markets and marketing strategies. Richard and I became a dynamic team, leveraging our individual strengths to provide clients with tailored solutions that yielded exceptional results.

As I pen down this story, I am filled with gratitude for the twist of fate that brought Richard and me together on those streets of London. Our journey from being two strangers on motorcycles to becoming business partners and close friends has been nothing short of remarkable.

The road we travelled was winding and filled with challenges, but it ultimately led us to create something extraordinary. rnkpromanagement stands as a testament to the power of friendship, the pursuit of knowledge, and the magic that happens when two individuals with complementary skills come together to make a difference.

With warm regards,


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